Faded Polaroids

A background noise

A slight ringing in your ears

Just enough to be annoying

But not enough to keep your attention.


Today I decided to climb up the shelves

in the closet in your bedroom

and sit next to the box of faded polaroids

you pretend don't exist anymore.


Except I broke the shelf and the box fell

and the contents spilled all over the floor

along with your words about how I am

always making stupid decisions.


I said I'd clean it up but I got distracted

by a certain faded polaroid that I swear was me.

1989- 16 years old it read and you looked

like you've never hated anything more than that camera.


It was then I realized your contempt is not towards me

but the fact that I remind you of yourself and you

have spent your whole life trying to escape what you

felt at sixteen.


I am sorry I followed in your footsteps

but you never taught me how not to.

Throw me back up on the shelf with

the rest of your faded polaroids.


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