The Facts of Life

You know what would be nice?

No worries.

No fears.

No cares.

Just freedom.


But that ain’t life.

Life has all of those things.

And you can temporarily throw them off.

But you can’t be rid of them forever.

They’re permanent.

But that’s okay.

Because you know what’s also permanent?



Whatever you happen to call Him.

He will take care of you.

He will let you be pushed to your limits.

Only to make you stronger.

Or to help somebody else


Life ain’t all about you

Life ain’t all about we

Life is about all of us.

Caring exists in this world.

Even if only in the smallest increments.

It’s there.


Will succeed everything.


Will triumph.

It may be slow.

But it’ll come.

And knowing that the world isn’t completely filled with evil.

That happiness exists.

Is what keeps us going.

Some is better than none.

You know what else is also guaranteed?


The existence of the heavens.

Even if our home is destroyed.

Although that would be horrible

If the world is destroyed

There is someplace we can go

Within death.

Death ain’t the end

The end is called Heaven or Hell

Maybe Purgatory?

I believe in timelessness

And love




And memories

Things that are omnipotent

And immortal


Those are the things that are guaranteed

Everything else

Is fleeting

Not meant to belong to us


Soon it will belong to the offspring

Or maybe to nobody

Who knows?

We must enjoy it while we can

And appreciate every moment

The good is what makes life worth living

And the evil in our world


So give thanks

To whoever you believe in

And live


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