The Fact that You're Beautiful

The fact that you're beautiful
Doesn't depend on how thin you are, 
How confident you feel, 
Or how clear your skin is.
The fact that you're beautiful
Isn't something that is determined
By the amount of makeup you wear,
Or the clothes that you buy.
Beauty is being happy 
With the person you were born to be. 
Beauty is deciding not to blend in, 
But to step outside the boundary.
Beauty is being there for someone
When everyone else has gone. 
Beauty is becoming a friend
To that girl who is withdrawn. 
It is loving unconditionally, 
And it is living radically free 
From the pressure to be perfect-
From the goal of becoming an object, 
Rather than a woman clothed in glory,
All in awe of her modesty and dignity.
The fact that you're beautiful
Is known by everyone-
Everyone, but you.
It is time to finally accept it,
The fact that you're beautiful. 


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