Facing Her: Anxiety

She is always watching. She is always there. Breaking me down, telling me what I can and can’t do.

    Anxiety is always making sure I have a hard time but little do she know, this is something I can and will get through.


Going to my closet getting ready to pick an outfit out, she starts bringing up different scenarios and worries. “Nope I can’t wear this because the sweat will show"


Anxiety stopped me from wearing that light pink shirt today and that orange jacket last week but now I will let my sweat glow. Many people think I am stuck up because I don’t speak that much first but really, she is holding her hands over my mouth telling me I will embarrass myself and they won’t like me.

Anxiety makes me look awkward at social gatherings but I fight her anyway and show her I will blossom like a beautiful tree.

When someone comes into my life, she gets jealous, tries to run them off and tells me that they will leave me and won’t like me for who I really am.

Anxiety is that bad relationship that I am trying to cut out of my life and break up with. No more hurt or fright from her. She is the Fox  and I am the Lamb.

She tried to mess up my friendship earlier this year but I told my friend I had anxiety and she accepted me anyway.

Anxiety thought she would continue to win and run people off but now.. I am winning this game.

    She thought I wasn’t going to wear that pretty blue dress that showed my sweat easily but I proved her wrong.

    Anxiety is that bully that underestimates you and won’t listen until you fight back but I showed her I am strong.


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