Look at all these pretty faces!

Oh how I desire to be seen like them

But I know I won’t

I don’t have ‘the look,’ the ego, and definitely not the money

Everyone knows you need all three, and then some, in order to make it in this world

Why, one might ask?

Because you need to not only be good at something, you need to always look good doing it, too

You can’t succeed by simply doing well and creating beyond extraordinary results

If you aren’t as ‘beautiful’ as a shallow-minded supermodel, no one will know how well you did because they won’t pay attention to you

No one can see the best hidden, most precious gem

Look at all these smiling faces!

That’s what all the teachers say when they see the most popular girls at school walking in the hallway

They smile the biggest smiles of all because they know they are on the top of the totem pole, because of their looks, without putting in any effort at all

No one knows how mean they are to the girl who helps them with their homework because she just wants to be less alone

They boss her around and don’t let her have anything for herself

When they see her with something pretty, they take it, causing more damage to her mental health

Look at all these painted faces!

Makeup is used to cover up every flaw, every mistake, every ugly thing about us

No one wants to see us bare faced, right?

Is that why we cover up the natural beauty that God has created in his own image? Because we were not created to be who we want to be?

Or maybe it’s because we aren’t comfortable in our own skin

We don’t feel attractive because of what the media portrays as true beauty

We are not beautiful because we don’t look like the next ‘It Girl’ or any of these celebrity supermodels

Look at all these talented faces!

The people who are discovered as true talent are always the ones who don’t deserve it

They don’t work hard at what they do and those who actually work their asses off are left behind in the dust only because they don’t have the money to do the things they most desperately want to try

We are treated as if it is our fault that we can’t get our names out there when we are stuck in the shadows of the people who push us back down in our own success so they can revel in OUR glory


We are the ones who work the hardest and get the best results, but no one gives a fuck that we exist


Because they are too caught up in watching the people who are revelling in OUR glory, celebrating OUR accomplishments, and claiming them as their own when they know damn well that it would NEVER have happened for them if we weren’t there to make them better by challenging them

So yeah

I’m pissed

My accomplishments go unnoticed when they are more ground-breaking than the ones breaking their own ground

The diamonds that shine the brightest are the ones you never see

They are the ones that can withstand the greatest amount of pressure for longer periods of time than the diamonds above them and that, my friend, is how they get their strength and luster

That said, I have more strength than you could EVER muster


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My community
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