The Faced Fear

Once there was a small child,

happy and ran in the wild.

He was an introvert;

Moved to America and knew not a single word.

Since he was so shy,

being bullied made him cry.

He barely ate and became so thin.

Dark visage so he tried to bleach his skin.

It was the next school year,

and he decided to face his fear.

I am african and I'm proud,

said the boy out loud.

My skin tone does not define me.

Why am I  treated unfairly?

The boy began to realize that he was different.

This made him more confident.

Months went by and he was insulted by his bully.

Instead of crying, he walked away respectfully.

Less than a week later, his bully saw him.

This time it was at the gym.

They shook hands and became friends.

Thanks to you I've accepted myself.

Had it not been your insults,

my true identity would've been on top of a shelf.

The end.






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