Facebook It.



Attention young people of the world, my peers!

                        It is not the end of the world if you forget your phone at home

or your device refuses to connect to the free Wi-Fi

maybe it’s trying to tell you something

                                    and what about your friends

who are seated around the table, or your boyfriend or girlfriend

longing for just a few seconds of eye contact

                        with your actual eyes

and not the top of your head

                        but just when you take a break from flirting

with your Facebook profile and reveling in how many likes and comments your most recent profile picture is getting


they look down to see that they got 21 likes

            on the Instagram they posted of the meal you are sharing

What could you possibly miss out on if you dropped off the face of the virtual world?

            A funny video of your friend’s cat

or an embarrassing Snapchat or the pictures from last night’s party

            The horror!

Oh my friends, no one will notice your absence

your lack of status updates will give them the opportunity to miss you

it’s a good thing to be mysterious

because to be brutally honest

                                                no one cares

how pretty and delicious your Starbucks drink looked in the morning sun

or how bored and tired of studying you are

or what a super awesome weekend you had

                        and the people who do care

will reach out to you to find out what is going on in your life

those people are

                        your true friends

not that one girl you met that one time you got kicked out of that State party

but if you decide that you simply cannot bear to break

your iron grip on your iPhone

and you begin to wonder why people no longer invite you to hang out

you know that it’s because they already see your life is spectacular

and you must be far too busy to take some time out of your schedule

            to simply look up and away from that screen.


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