A Face Without Eyes


It’s like a song without words
Like a number without digits
Like a play without characters
And like face without eyes.

Here you sit reading without a book
And pondering your life.
You can’t get it out of your head
Though, you’re not thinking.

A face without eyes couldn’t be possible.
A face without eyes doesn’t exist.
A face without your eyes is never good enough.

A space between before and after,
A quiz without a grade,
A book without letters,
And a face without eyes.

A spark without fire
A kiss without passion
A head without a brain
A building without people
Is like a face without eyes.

A life without change;
A relationship without chemistry;
A heart without the lungs;
And falling in love without the pain to go with it;
Is equal to a face without your eyes.

Don’t hesitate, don’t think too hard.
It can’t be done, we all know that.
Without those eyes, it’s not a face at all.
Because a face without your eyes will never be good enough.

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