The Face of Sin

Thu, 01/02/2014 - 21:52 -- LeyahKC

I am the face of sin

A dainty hand , a gentle touch

The truth lies within

My skin so soft from the family company:

Johnson&Johnson Baby Oil

Look at my report card;

It stutters the first vowel of the alphabet

I sing, I dance and with every chance I get,

I prance on through the clubs

Sharing my blooming flower from its bulbs

Then I hit the pubs and stay until all hours -

Of the night -

That once took my innocence as if I put up no fight,

suffocated in fright deep enough to scare my bodys past demons

No, please, this can’t last

Now I’m gone…

Not from body but of mind and spirit

When I try to explain myself, it’d like:


“Chile’ I don’t want to hear it!”



Be that way,

But if you knew my story,

the Devil himself would give me glory

Yes my walls are up,

greater than China’s

And my smile is dimly-lit by the deepest dirt pit

Yes my heart is full of despair

and I haven’t washed my hair

Nor do I care that I’m deaf to words you spit of how it should’ve been,

what I could’ve done or

what you think is right for me

Last time I checked,

you aren’t the man who created the most vast sea

To what degree do you blame me

for seeing through your

Gucci glasses, blinged-out rings and


“Hallelujah! Holy Holy! Lord, Jesus!”



Because if I’m correct,

YOU started out worse than I did

Aborting your first kid at 16

He didn’t mean to fall into your lady parts

Its just an expression of art!

It was your excuse to back then but now

you choose to dish out the abuse

There is no truce because

No matter how much I pray,

No matter how good I dress,

No matter the apologetic words I say

of events I couldn’t control,

I will never be good enough to praise your God.

It’s odd that even the purest of hearts are denied by the church heads.

I understand what Jesus went through…

Even though my past is forgiven,

I will always remain

The Face of Sin...



My favorite part of this poem is that I am looking in on a view point of most teens who have never gone to church or experienced religion. As I have been in church my entire life, I have a different view of the scenario when a teen is first introduced to the enviornment, including the prejudice people as well. I am pretty much commenting on people who believe themselves to be the "Perfect Christians".

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