Through the crowds, a rosy face appears

Shining, bright eyes, grinning from ear to ear.

She strides with poise, her steps are long

Exuding confidence as if nothing is wrong.


She treats others generously and kind

Acting with integrity, and a calm state of mind.

She contributes to her community, is a volunteer at heart

And challenges herself in class, testing the boundaries of smarts.


She dresses modestly; her clothes are rarely fancy or bright

But the passion inside her is one of ardor and might.

Ignoring the criticism, she pushes towards her goals

Success is her one desire, the embodiment of her soul


The persona seems too perfect to be true

Such a golden heart, far from a shrew

Her picture perfect life doesn’t seem real

Happiness and strength must be the only things she feels.


They say a person’s eyes never lie

Easily revealing every emotion that has passed by

In reality, a smiling face could be a façade for pain

Carefully constructed to hide the shame.


She comes from a broken family, a household filled with spite

There are no conversations in her house, only threats and fights

Morning to night, the sun never shines

She can’t express herself, her heart is confined


To the outside world, she is a cheerful, healthy girl

Instead she lives in a dark lonely world

No one to support or praise her, or cheer her on

The love and admiration she once received, is gone.


The path to her future is rocky and unclear

She has no mentor and thus walks with fear

Her shoulders carry immense pressure to accomplish great things

Her only choice is to struggle past the prickly obstacles life brings.


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