Fabulous Foodogrophy

Fri, 06/07/2013 - 13:03 -- agariti


United States
43° 4' 29.6292" N, 89° 11' 22.7148" W

Foodies, fooderific, foodatious, and foodery
Flavorful and filling
Feverishly feasting on the fundamental answer to life
wishing, waiting, wondering, counting the seconds until those cheese sticks...
Those glorious cheese sticks breach the surface of the marinara!
Your eyes lock, knowing for a moment, this is bliss
Wonderful, whimsical, watering the soul,
beautiful breadstics blatantly boisterous.
I sit here,
pondering powerful people in places clearing their plates with their faces,
and I wish I too could have just one bite to eat.


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