F Words

F Words

For my fellow false friends who frequently forage for fault in my faculties

For the foreign felons who forecast freezing floods of failure in my future

For the foul foxes and furtive fools that ferociously feed on my fallacies


Forsake your nefarious fairytales of forbidden fruit you flaunt to fortify your own felicity

For you fail to fathom my ineffable foundations from which my feet refuse to fall

For I will fasten all my focus, fury and faith to fulfil my fantasies

 Forget your facetious and feeble follies you forge to fracture my fortitude and forbearance

For every fiber of my form and figure prefer being a force full of fervor and forgiveness first and finally

For I refuse to fight with fisted fingers folded for a fraction of a fortune

Formidable is my soul’s fire that flashes fiercely and flows from my frontal lobes down to my phalanges

Forming a faintly fleeting mellifluous fugue of flowery yet forward feelings that affirm what I face 

For I will not falter from my fears of flying forward

For I will not fade from the fickle fate of fortune

But I will



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