F is For


Free me 

Free to be free 

We lost what It might mean to be free

Freedom lost that wasn’t ever had 

Mourning the loss of what we were told was bad 

Told what it was to be free 

Nobody could understand wholeheartedly 

Trapped in the prison of the mind 

Trapped in the illusion of time 

Trapped like a rabbit caught in a snare

Lashing out exhausted it just didn’t seem fair 

Free is to me what I see but to you it doesn’t matter 

Watching blood spill onto the streets 

Collecting in pools of the privileged for children to swim

Allowing others to drown because that’s on them 

Its me against them or them against me 

Cant you see how could we both be free 

F is for fuck that 

Societal norm, society tells us to jump 

We say how high 

Kids get high 

But with every high there’s a low 

Birds are free till they land 

Yet we are all dancing around like man 

Belief tears us apart yet holds our hearts 

We rip each others hearts out 

Watching people bleed out 

Starve out, lights go out, schools let out, people fall out 

Money runs out, water drys out, people cry out 

Stop with us vs them or you vs me 

As long as there is no we 

People won’t be Free 

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Our world


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