In The Eyes of Those Who Care

This is for the young mothers out there who struggles,

Those mothers who do the most to make ends meet.

Mothers who push themselves to go to work and school, not only to make better lives for themselves,

but provide a better life for their children.

These young mothers aren't white, they're not going to be on "16 and Pregnant", they don't come from a highly privileged backrground.

These young women, these mothers, they come from the middle class, the minority class, the class that has enough to struggle with.

They're constantly stereotyped as "sluts" "street girl" "whores",

They struggle in everyday life, they made the same mistake as girls from higher privilged families,the same mistake as the girls on "16 and Pregnant".

Yet, only the struggling mother is wrongly stereotyped, because of where she is from, or the color of her skin.

These young mothers, struggle everyday of their lives, work like slaves for what they have, and for their children.

No, they are not "hit stars" on a reality show.

No, they are not famous for being pregnant.

No, they are not glorified for their pregnancies at a young age, as other young ladies are.

But they are not in this struggle alone, people like me who have been in their place,

Who have been stereotyped, who have worked like a slave to make ends meet, who have given everything that they have, for their child. They are here, and have always been here, to help.

They know the pain and fight, and they care.

No, these young mothers are not famous, but in the eye of those who care

In the eyes of their children, they are stars.

The media focuses on the ones who have it easy,

We, the ones who care, look up to the ones who fight another day.

The ones who fight for their children,

The real mothers who don't have mommy and daddy telling them how to raise a life.

We look up to the struggling young mother.

Because in the eyes of those who care, they are a true star, and they are real mothers.





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