Eyes of the Serpent

My heart races

faster than the speed of lightning

then stops.

Red eyes, yellow eyes, green eyes,

Bright pink, dark blue, tangy orange.

Doesn't matter which color,

Or size,

Its eyes feel luminous, with darkness flowing out.

The serpent aims,

Targeting everything.

It sees my love, passion, happiness,

Also my darkest fears, weakness, faults.

Oh what would I do

To take its eyes off of me!

The slimy red,

(or black)

Forked tongue sticks out.

My lungs tighten under ribs,

Not daring to inhale or exhale.

The tail twitches,

It encircles, slithers,

Watching, staring,

Baring its fangs,

Then strikes.

My strong hand,

My sword hand,

Lunges to attack.

A battle so great,

It could be sung for centuries.

We choreograph through the deadliest dance,

It swiftly and silently moves,

I lash and stab.

Back and forth, forth and back we go,

The sun was shinning gloriously bright when we started,

Now a moon replaced it,

With its slender beauty.

On and on we attack and defend,

And no one to witness.

At last, it rams its head towards my leg,

And bulls-eye.

It hits my pride,

My love, my life, my hope, my dreams,

My sorrow, my frustrations, my hatred,

My soul.

A silent laugh escapes the mouth,

And again it strikes.

But this time, I'm ready.

Fuelled by determination and the fiber of my very being,

I deflect.

The long, deathly fangs threaten again,

And I swiped my priceless sword,

The battle has ended.

An inaudible shriek escapes it,

And I find the strength to stand.

And my voice bellows,

"Evil one! Leave and do not bother me anymore!"

My hand gripped on the gilded hilt,

And my head turns to see it slither away.

The sword is returned to its sheath,

And I walk away,

Tending my wounds and smiling to myself,

Who would've thought that I could've defeated such a



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