The eyes of dispassion

Sun, 11/05/2017 - 03:35 -- S.Sousa

The brown eyes that I fell in love with made me feel safe. They gave me comfort on rainy days and illuminated my heart when I told you it was grey. That was when we confirmed our love, you told me I was sweet as a blooming passionflower. 


Suddenly the brown eyes full of love turned red, and my petals started to fade. I could no longer put up with being an object to satisfy you. I was not meant to be cherished only for external use. The passionflower which turned to bruise fruit, a promise you confirmed would never occur as we grew closer. The promise you broke when I told you it needed to be over. Why is it that you grew so angry with those words? Was it because you couldn’t stand seeing your sweet passionflower understand it’s true standards?


From that moment of sorrow I realized, the trust in those eyes was minimized, but the love that I had for them would still empathized, knowing as we were no longer one, those eyes still remain my first sighting of oblivious love. Those acts teach me today, what I was uncertain about true love on the days you made me ache. Allowing me to blossom with self love every single day.


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