In The Eyes of Daddy


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If You Think I Don’t Know What I’m Talking Bout’ Give Me Time and Hear Me Out; This Isn’t a Story Bout’ Death or Divorce That Separated a Family; It’s a Story Bout’ A family Being Separated by Bars,
By a Place Called jail that Made My Life Hell;
That One Day Daddy and Daughter Got Separated, It’s nothing X-Rated But
It’s a Pain that will Never Be Faded;
The day my home got raided
Made themselves at home, didn’t need a host
These people serenaded a song so harsh it would make my ears bleed
It would make my heart break
If this is fate, it is something I hate
The First Broken Heart a Girl like Me Has Ever Had
Made Me Feel As If I Was Going Mad;
He Was There From the Moment I Was First In Diapers to When I First Held A Rifle; He Was There When My Mind Changed From Butterfly’s To Guys. From Playing Dolls To Roaming Malls; From Fighting Over A Bar Of Candy To fighting Over A Stupid Worthless Guy Named Randy. He was there through it all and Now He Barley Calls;
They Say He’s A Girl’s First True Love; He’s Daddy.
And Sometimes I Think To Myself;
What Would Daddy Do?
What Would Daddy Do If He Knew Mom Was Going Crazy?
What Would Daddy do if He knew that his kids were being Lazy?
What Would Daddy Do If He Knew I Was Being Rude If He Knew I was having Different Moods?
What Would Daddy do if He Knew His Children were No Longer Sober?
They Say He’ll be out soon, but soon isn’t close enough
It Isn’t Easy Being Without Daddy it’s actually pretty rough.
My Life Feels like Hurricane Katrina Right Now but There’s always a Rainstorm before a Rainbow Right? Because As Life Goes on My Feelings Shall Move On but One Thing I Will Never Forget Is;
I Miss Daddy.


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