The Eyes of an Alcoholic

 “One more,” I whispered to myself as I pressed the cold glass to my lips
A noise from the other room disrupted my temporary calmness
I thrusted myself off the couch, spilling the rest of my drink on the freshly cleaned carpeting
As I stormed into the other room, my little girl began sobbing louder and louder
Rage of annoyance grew inside of me
I picked up my little girl and uncontrollably began to yell
I shook her
I did anything to make her stop her innocent tantrum
But she would not quit
Drawn in by the commotion, the love of my life came running in
My little girl fell silent
I laid her back in her crib
I was horrified
Numbness immediately took over my body
I slowly regained some reality and weakly turned to look at my love
Cold and horrifying shock masked the face of my love
I knew I had done it this time
I braced myself for the scolding
But all was silent
Shamefully, I dragged myself back to the couch
There out the window appeared the red and blue lights of my fate
I redirected my eyes to the floor where the accumulation of empty bottles lay
Here before me lies the evidence
I had flushed my life down the drain
There was no turning back
Nothing could be undone


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