Tue, 06/23/2015 - 03:01 -- Gladys
Why? Why do we need our eyes?
All they do is see. They show us what's in front of us, and all around us. It give us the chance to see the beauty and wonders of our lives. 
But..I rather be blind.
I rather be blind than be a fool of our own eyes. They are tricksters and we always fall. They show us the beauty and wonders that go around us...but that is what they see, not for what they truly are. 
Every light has a darkness behind it and every dark a shinning light. We use our eyes to judge but not our hearts. They judge by appearance not for what is inside. One can be nice and charming and the other dark and "evil" once you see inside, you will see the true colors. Nice and Charming becomes Corrupted and Cruel. The Dark and Evil becomes the Innocent and Kind. 
I rather be blind if this is the way one sees. There must be another way to truly see behind the shadows. I'll use my heart to look into others hearts for who they truly are. 


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