It hurt..I remember it hurting as it filled lungs of one so young — lungs of an adolescent. This cancerous smoke out of my throat to linger in the air as I sit in melancholy and blankly stare. Time is fragmented as the tortoise beats the hare and I just sit there. Empty me like sand simply drifting from your hand to be scattered in the wind, bend me and mold me like clay, then drink me until all of your troubles fade away. Taste my words as they leave my lips and delve into my brain and decipher coded thoughts which ramble.. images that are scrambled. Watch me drown in uncharted seas to be washed up weak in the knees. You’re all I need and I hold onto you as if I were a weed that monotonously clings to everything. Keep me alive; I am your unwanted parasite. Feed me stories of glory and gloom beneath the light of the moon. Skin me and study my anatomy to find I’m incorrect, volatile like when a mind and intelligence intersect. Erect my interest, then shoot me down — red wine decorating the walls; it makes sweet misery. Build me up, then tear me down — boulders deteriorating into rubble for my lack of symmetry. Can you read me? Can you prick me open and deseed me? Is the focus too blurry, because I want you to see me.. see me as I see you observing eyes that hold an interesting story…


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