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Sometimes, I see it in their eyes.

Their irises are green, like a spring day

And their pupils black, like a midnight sky.


When they are awake,

Their irises are the color of green grass,

But I am allergic to grass, and sneeze when their smile shines.

Their pupils are the color of black licorice,

But I can't eat sweets, and always refuse it.


Sometimes, they see it in my eyes.

My irises are brown, like a rotten fruit

And my pupils black, like a black hole.


When I am awake,

My irises are the color of muddy earth,

But they hate mess, and only watch as I laugh happily.

My pupils are the color of onyx,

But they dislike jewelry, and hide it.


When we are asleep,

Their eyes are green like leaves

And mine hazel pools of light.

They bask in the haze of my thoughts,

And I savor the feel of their ideas.

We are one in the same

In our sleeping world

And we both quietly wish to stay in our fiction forever.


But the dawn always comes,

Bringing with it the end of our understanding,

And we awaken every morning,

Prepared for sneezes and messes and sneezing messes.


I refuse and

They hide and

Nothing ever changes.


When we are one, we are nothing.

When we are different, we are ourselves.

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