Eye-Seeking Melanoid

Eye-seeking Melanoid

Adonte’ Dunn

I am an antonym of democracy,

the one who gets the negative end of the stick.

I am an eye-seeking melanoid though,

the one the white man doesn’t typically pick.

The supposedly “heroes” of our country

causes shear annihilation and mayhem in black history.

But no, it’s a problem that no one can see.

400 years of assimilation and abuse of our men and women,

over 150 years of tiredness and the newly outspoken,

64 years of the marches and dividing,

but OUR years should NOT be the years of repeating.

These are the days where we fight the bullies of our nations

and take what we need to build our peace troop.


Being an eye-seeking melanoid means I am awake.

Meaning I don’t sleep on serious topics such as racism.

Meaning I see things the “superiors” fail to realize,

that what they’re doing is violating that code of being a human being,

being an American citizen, being a damn person with impassions.

Meaning that I am able to speak up, other than fearful Americans.

What’s the negative situation? what is the conflict between us?

Are we too much as a strong ebony empire you are fearful of our future accomplishments?

As an eye-seeking melanoid I see things that might cause me deleteriousness,

Such as walking down the street and seeing the light before I die.

Or walking to my school bus and being surrounded by political screw-ups on the grass.

Tasting the sweet taste of my traditional foods and the acidic taste of defeat.

But being an eye-seeking melanoid teaches a huge lesson.

That thou should not accept defeat as a purpose on going on.

They should accept the fight, and the war between good and evil will continue.

Love is a reason to not fight, but fighting with love is a totally different story.



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