The Extremist


United States
33° 49' 45.0732" N, 118° 19' 1.0956" W

At the crossroads you are balanced on the precipice overlooking every choice
And you like to point to the path that pleases your personal prerogatives
But rarely do you realise that only those like you can reap the rewards of your reasoning
And you season the wounds to make it okay that you didn't choose the path that let everyone breathe
because you were too afraid to endure the third degree
So you extract a benefit to sell to the cold
A product that will let you sleep at night even if no one else can
I imagine this is your monologue...
We are power, morality, law
Because we can't ever be wrong
Staunch belief is never going to steer us astray
Why should we quest to question this quality of life?
Thinking that we'd quickly crumble the clean cut ideals that we need
So, honestly, coloring outside my neat lines to consider someone else's side is...
Out of the question
Resenting every remark that somehow resembles me
Because I am never wrong
Because I am not an extremist
Nor am I an extremity to this main body of actuality
I am right
I am the CNS
Central Nervous System of this consciousness
And I will push and shove and take by force your loyalty
Nesting into every major highway of your brain
Blocking out your human need to know
Because I am always right
Whether you like it or not
Either you are with me or against me
And those who speak with words I do not approve of
Are those who are the problem
Create the problem
Gestate the problem
Birth, raise and support the problem
Let us not test
Let us not re-examine
Because nothing good lies beyond that of what we know
Trust me I've never stepped foot outside this hole
Just shut up and follow
And don't make a show
Don't think too much even if we tell you to
Accept this reality and this reality alone
And if you do it right you'll produce a clone


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