The Extraordinary Actor


Chowan University
1 University Dr, Murfreesboro 27855
United States
36° 26' 22.1388" N, 77° 5' 57.1884" W

He's a actor in a club 

At first he was rusty 

Now he's mastered it all too well

Fake smiles, lies, and fake joy 

He appears at ease and calm 

Truly wanting to be in his mothers arms

The show has just begun ,

but he's broken like glass

All in pieces taped together 

It's time to put on the show 

Just put clothes on and go

He's ashamed to express pain

People can't see his weakness

Time to act and play the game

He's truly a extraordinary actor 

Acting can be a gift and a curse 

How could this be? can it get worse?

Maybe so, because this Actor is Me.


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