Labeled an extra after sixteen years of never surrendering.

Becoming a quiet murmur in a background of a thousand,

until the exploding power of "o's" and "a's'",

change fate's deaf ears.


All the naysayers with the aaughs in their thoughts,

weren't listening closely enough to hear the rumble of the world.

The audience applause her riveting roars

and laughs at her spontaneous yips.


None the wiser hidden before the ahas of the stage,                                                                               in the voicebox of her mind,

that has been left messages of eews      

and icks that go back ten years running.

Nor know she been ding-dong ditch so many times,

that the ahhs won't cover it anymore.


The rattle of the past will try to slam her down,

to take her down a pitch,

but she will face the rasp

and roar against it.



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