The Extra Girl

I am the one who lurks in the corner at the school dances.

I am the one who struggles to keep my voice steady when presenting in class.

I am the one who picks up that wrapper you just dropped, because you were too lazy to throw it away yourself.

I am the one who lets others go before me, because I am too shy to create conflictions.

I am the girl on the movie set- the Extra in the background that you see walking past the star.

I am the quiet girl.

I am the loud girl.

I am the one who will take your backwards way of thinking to the ground.

I am the one who will punch you straight in the mouth for harming someone who you know can't fight back.

I am the girl at the social justice rallys, screaming "EQUALITY" until my throat bleeds.\

I am the girl who will rise up and create billions in a corperation.

I am the girl whose name you will see on your paychecks.

I am the girl who will one day earn the respect she deserves. 

I am THAT girl.

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