Exquisite Evanescence

Happy giggles as she trips, out of breath laughter. Caught! Whisked into the air she shrieks breathlessly, as she’s twirled round and round Released, she totters clumsily away again.Proudly hoisting her new pink backpack she reveals the gap where her front teeth used to beHer excited bouncing blurs the picture slightlyShe tugs at the hand she holds as she skips toward the mass of potential friends.At the dinner table she sits somberly, in her tight dark tank,Avoiding eye contact and questions with caustic one word answers. Painted lips pursed in consternation, eyes rolled heavenward Tears in her eyes she gives one last tight hug before watching the van roll awayOne hand on her suitcase, the other steadying her book bag strap.Arms raised pumping to the music, strobe lights and sweat, The noise and the liquor blur her vision as she laughs, Feeling nothing but the pounding of her feet.Brief eye contact from across the coffee shop and her heart skips a beat,Over scones they chat, dissolving into giggles that cause the other patrons to stare. She smiles up as the ring slides onto her finger, Whispering two happy words through tears.Helpless, she watches the car tear from the driveway,Sinking to the ground, the furious torrent of her words rushes in to haunt her as she rocks.A click as the door gently shuts and arms are around her, warm breathe in her hair.Stilling her as she feels the tears that match her own.The warmth of a hand on her belly as she stretches awake, Intertwining the hand on the bump with her own. Fierce pride flourishing to joy as the little legs carry footprints through the sand. Laughter on the wind ignites her own and the sound mixes with the crashing of the waves.Dismay as the door is once again slammed in her face, The comforting hand on her shoulder doing little to calm her feelings of inadequacy.Bittersweet tears as the reminder of the kiss burns her cheek, And she turns the wheel of her now empty car in the direction of her now empty home.Gentle arms holding her as she lays listening to the newfound silence of the house. Cursing herself for wishing this day would come, for it did, far too soon.Quiet smiles over coffee and newspaper, enjoying the peace and sunlight of the morning.Little giggles and bright eyes bring a smile to her face, Aching joints protesting as she kneels to pick up the thrown sippy cup,Grinning as little fists reach to receive her gift. She turns confused, staring into the worried face of a stranger who claims to know her.Her mind blurring their features until she can do nothing but weep in frustration.Strong arms as she falls asleep, unaware of the tears falling onto her skin with the kisses.The darkness behind her eyelids brightens like a hazy sunrise,Coming slowly into bright, sharp focus.She steps away, light as a feather,A silhouette against the light.  


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