Expressive Healing

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 13:32 -- ShaunB3

You ask me why I write? I'd be glad to tell you so,
it's not for fame, that dangerous bird, no it's really not for show.
It's not so that others may read, and say "Oh I can relate,"
no it's not so that my words can be twisted for others sake.
You ask me why I write, why I put pen to paper so much,
the reason is quite simple, you see it starts as just a crutch.
However that crutch turns to a hurdle as the words begin to flow,
I write to get thoughts and feelings off my chest, I write so they can show.
I write so I don't have to hide inside, I write to be free,
I write to be happy, I write so I can be me.


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