Expenses by Simone Grier

If I had all the money in the world, I’d go broke trying to buy back all the yesterdays, go bankrupt trying to put down payments to prevent tomorrows and lift my credit score from paying off the debt of todays. Regret is expensive and I’m just trying to get by. 

I’d void checks to forget all the one night stands, empty my piggy bank to keep from getting into all the dead end relationships, and borrow a few dollars to remember my true worth. Sex is cheap at times but I’d rather wait for quality.   

I would have a credit card with every company in an attempt to gain interest on my self-esteem, take out loans to catch up on late payments towards my common sense, and remortgage my heart in order to have the ability to love again.


Once you pawn your trust, someone might buy it before you can beg for it back. You can’t buy back your soul, and there is no dollar amount on self respect. Life is expensive and Lord knows I’m just trying to get by.



Having any kind of credit card has it's positive and negative effects for the cardholder. As far as credit card is concerned, CFPB has launched their recent study where it was found out that among other things, credit card activity is the single most essential element analyzed by credit reporting agencies in determining credit worthiness. For more information, click here.

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