The Expense

Mon, 03/31/2014 - 01:35 -- Baceves

they complain and complain 
about how too many youth are joining gangs 
and our culture being dumb
but is it our fault that admissions is numb?

they say get your head in the books 
and stop fooling around
but it's not that simple

we got our head in the clouds 
wishing we could go further but our wallets, man.
we have to keep one foot on the ground.

we all are disappointments.
disappointed for what we weren't chosen
regardless of the fact, we weren't appointed.

but no one ever mentions how the better life, 
came with a higher price
and how can they question why we don't attend a higher education
well.. it's too damn expensive

so how can you judge me for what i'd rather keep
it's either a book or food to eat

how can you judge me for this economy?

The first 13 years are just a taste, and then it's gone.
it's up to us to pay..
and it leaves a sour aftertaste.

ignorance is bliss i guess. 
money is in my pocket and i'm not feeling the ignorance yet. 



I wrote this poem, in case it isn't obvious enough, about college tuition and how it is extremely expensive. I am struggling to figure out how i will be paying for college. So I can relate to this in a way, but also this is a relative piece I wrote for everyone struggling a setback. Basically i would change the cost of education.  I AM HOPING I WILL BE ONE OF THE WINNERS FOR THE POETRY SLAM. 

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