Always be strong, be powerful, be heroic, be amazing. Always be beautiful, be intelligent, be kind, be courageous. Always do your best, and you'll always beat the rest. No questions, comments, no friendly bets.  But what about those moments when you're weak, powerless, a bystander, or plain? What if you're unattractive, unintelligent, mean, or afraid?  We all have our vices, some more than others, but we cope, we pray, we hope for our brothers; that we'll all become perfect, no matter the cost, and yet when we finally get there, we realize we're lost.  What were you willing to do to get to this place? Were you up for theft, surgery, cheating, to punch someone in the face?   Maybe you were fake to some girl to prove you were cool. Did you wear a dress and makeup? Put on expensive shoes?   Was the beauty worth the pain? Was the grade worth the cheat? When you changed who you are, who did you actually beat? No one, that's who, except maybe you. Have faith in yourself,  and you'll find your way through.   An "A" doesn't matter, neither does your weight. Just live out your life, and learn to love what you hate.

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