They put the frame on the wall for all to see

And frequently the pictures change 

For this is how you are supposed to be

They’ll give you a tour

And show you beauty is only skin deep

Insisting they never grow old

“For wrinkles are unwelcomed.”

At least that is what we are told

But who are they to say?

When they only find joy in being size two

They have nothing to live for

Because appearances grow old

And “pretty” can be seen through

They walk you along the hall of fame

And tell you about each picture

But what they don’t notice is everyone looks the same

Inside of their own ridiculous frame

They mock the dimple on my cheek

And insist on fixing the small gap between my teeth

But who are they to say?

For these things are what make me, me

We are told to accept ourselves

But are constantly compared to what we are not

The girls in the magazines are beautiful

At least that is what we all thought

But beauty lies in the sparkle of our eyes

It is the reflection of our heart

The frame society nails on the wall

Is something we don’t need to take part

Beauty is all over us

It varies from person to person

We all have our imperfections

And we don't need to fit into this frame of expectations

Society had created this image

And it is quite distorted

But do you not understand?

The frame on the wall would fall

If we did not support it

So why is it still hanging?

And why aren't people standing?

This picture doesn't have to define us

For whoever said our quirks were flaws

We don't have to live by society's laws


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