Expanding Horizons

When I ask my father if I should get a summer job

He says no.

And I say why,

And he says because this time of my life is about learning 

And yearning to explore my endless curiosities and endless passions

And if I don't do this in a timely fashion

My chance will slip away.

I say okay. 


This Curiosity of which I speak 

Must be pursued before it reeks

With rot from being left alone too long. 

If you never seek out after the Unknown,

You'll never discover anything for your own - 

And you will remain static. Unchanged forever. 

As unchanged as the mind of a stubborn child. 


With Curiosity to keep us on our toes,

And with foes and woes to decompose

And opposers to show that not just anything goes,

We are encouraged to try new things. 

The idea of failure looks small in our minds because it can only add to the knowledge we possess,

Not take away.

What harm is more knowledge?


So when you ask what is the one thing I can't live without

I say Curiosity.

And you say why,

And I say because with it, I can make mistakes

And learn what it takes

To make myself into who I want to be. 

But without it,

I would be nothing but a child stuck in mind

With nothing to find on the inside

And my life will rot away

Like the passions I ignored back in the day.

Not okay. 


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