Exotic creatures

Wed, 09/25/2013 - 20:18 -- JMgray

I’m trying To understand the way ya’ll work. the spark was there then you mask it with pain, hurt, nooo denial. A front a cover a push off of what reality really is. but what about the him you’re hiding from, how does he feel or does that not matter to you. is your pain and feelings that deep that you must hide when you know he knows the truth about who you are, or why your with him. I’m picking apart ya’ll brains slowly discovering more and more, then just when I think I cant learn anymore ya’ll show me another side. maybe it was there from the beginning. was I to sedated by the drug I allowed you to poison me with, now I’m in the abyss of your darkness trying to find a way out but I’m also remembering what creating our atmosphere was about. now I remain in deep thought adding more to my brain about these exotic creatures........... Females!!!!


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