Exhortation and Admonition to Those Saints not yet Departed

O sinner and still sinning saint
Thou art sin-full no more
Rejoice! for swiftly comes the day
When thy heart the LORD restore

For Jesus pleadeth and prevails
In our behalf appearing
The Mercy Seat is open still
Come ye trusting and not fearing

Though high the cost of lowly sin
And guilty, thou must pay
Crucified thy sins to bear
Christ gladly washed away

Take heart! behold! Thy God with thee
Is pleased with thee to dwell
He bought thee with his precious blood
And ransomed thee from Hell!

O sinner and still sinning saint,
The mercy of the LORD
Is given thee unmeasuréd
What comfort it affords!

Praise and magnify thy God
Who loves thee fatherly
And giveth his abundant grace
Scorn not, but partake gratefully


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