Exhausted emotions

I, we play all day we sleep all night 

food it keeps us connected 

drugs they keep us safe

power it is endowed 

credit cards go on forever numbers never ending I'll share with you my food stamps my pin is 7526

Here use my govornment phone 

Mother and father can I use the credit card?

I ride my bycicle in the middle of the road they honk but I will not be vonerable again weak never again I controll my life I control my outcome

Boom hit stuck just like that $90,000 just like that fees total up I spend it down to the dime to the half of the penny no more I have nothing I have all theres things they acummilate to nothing, zero, I give it away to goodwill, Good karma I say. 

here Take a car you have wife and child, you must work, here have a car take my home, my glasses oh sure you can have, my head phones sure thing, how much do you need? five dollars I pull ingold coins, they leave are gone, It is not friday becuase the time is 00:20 It is saturday A new name a new day has become things turn back and the same is presented a new

Dishes I wash 

School I humble 

education I pursure 

knocking down doors 


Andrew Jaiziah Jackson

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My family
My community
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