Fri, 07/22/2022 - 12:34 -- Cookay

We all use them

To get out of just about everything

Just lies we use because we made to many promises

Didn't leave anytime for just for us


Everyone has used one

X's on a person's lie counter

Counting every lame excuse you use

Until you have used up all your good will

So many people burning bridges

Everyone is surrounded by fires

So many that its spreading to other bridges


Maybe it's time to just do as you say

No matter what you get yourself into

You might enjoy yourself

You'll never know until you stop making excuses


Your just alienating yourself from being social

Just so you can sit at home by yourself

For no other reason than you don't like people

Being social makes you talk to people

But you uses your excuses as a shield

To protect yourself from being exposed

Which will leave your heart open for an attack


Excuses are just sugarcoated lies

X's on a list full of your lies someone is counting

Counting until they have enough of your lies

Until you see what your lies have gotten you

Silence and alone time without anyone in your corner 

Everyone left because it was clear you didn't want them

So live your life without that support with only yourself


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