"Excuse me,Mini-me ?"

Excuse the fact that you have scars,

they tell the story of just who you are,

You’re beautiful in spite of the pigment of your skin,

Never allow them to tell you who you are from within,

That’s only your decision, So mini – me dream big,

You’ve always been determined,

since you were that short kid --who’s ,

mother was the first in the family to be born in America,

So everyone tried their very best to discredit her,

and her father was no better,

He was black ,young and poor,

This story’s typically stereotypical but out of life,

their daughter wanted so, much, more…


So mini – me excuse the laughter that your haters share,

Instead allow it to be music, therapeutic in your ears,

Allow God to wipe your tears and remove all of your fears,

Be the gift that God has called you to be among your peers,

Even the ones who could care less about what you have to say,

You, me ,and poetry all know they’ll come to you anyways,

Hoping to get a piece of your vigorously virtuous favor,

But the flavor of your pie is : “Not now, Jesus is saving me for later”,

Your focus is not on being a baby creator,

but to meet the one who created you.


So they use and abuse you due to THEIR biblical knowledge,

and they can’t stand you because you’re 16 and you are going to college,

But do me a favor mini-me accumulate all the knowledge you can, that you may be able to continue to stand,

Remember the past is far from you and the present is a gift, that’s why it’s called “THE PRESENT” so please, cherish it…


Excuse me, mini me, are you still there?

 I have so much more advice from me to you to share,

I am who you’ve become, but not who you desired to be,

 so I took you down memory lane with the use of poetry --you know,

Mother loves us both and she desires the best for us ,that’s why she always seems to repeatedly fuss, and Father left us so in him I no longer put my trust, but one thing I have to say that is truly a must is…

Stop allowing your caring heart to be your weakness, it’s okay to have meekness, but see this , your future , it depends on your zeal and your faith,

You need to have that in order to win this race ,so, please chase down your dreams it’s not as hard as it seems grab ahold of your gifts as their lights beam from the seams of the blinders that you have super glued to your life to keep you from losing any sight of the reward.Don’t lose !


The greatest gift you have is your ability to choose,

 what to do with your “present” in order to save and/ or change your future.

That is why I came through poetry it’s the one thing you’ve always done with authority … where you can freely express , and get off your chest, the stress that has caused us much diversity,pain, discrimination,refrain from dreams,and the things that you have desired the most, so let's make an oath to take better care of me…

You are now excused to pursue your future mini-me …Therefore, excuse me old me… It is no longer just you me and poetry I have grown quite exquisitely can’t you see ?

Excuse me, mini me ?


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