I used to think I knew what exchange meant
I knew it was different than something you borrow or lent
I didn't know exchange could mean something else
But this week I learned I could exchange myself
I can't focus on who I am
I should focus on the saviour and The Lamb
We learned to exchange self for Christ
hate for love
And death for life
We can trade our comfort for God's call
Because no matter what he will love us through it all
We talked about Isaiah
And Moses and Abraham
And how they served The Great I Am
We talked about Jesus exchanging death for life
And how we, the church, are God's great wife
Singing and praising is not all that we do
No, we climbed a mountain, his creation, too
We worshiped him up on that holy place
Yes we worshiped him standing face to face
With his creation
To love
People shouldn't know us by the t-shirts we wear
They should know us by the unconditional love we share
If God can love us when we sin and cry
If God can love us when we tell him goodbye
Than why can't we love fully and completely
Why can't we push away our hate, anger and despair
Why, if the great Lord thinks we are worthy, can't we care?
Don't you get it?
We can all be incredibly changed
If only we would consider exchange.
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