Excellent Unexcellence


United States
33° 57' 13.6872" N, 86° 43' 17.4648" W
United States
33° 57' 13.6872" N, 86° 43' 17.4648" W

History has taught me white excellent.
Shawn Carter and Mr. West are preaching black excellence.
Why can’t we just have excellence?
I’ve never understood this power struggle between races.
In the end we are all human.
We all have the same pain.
We all have the same human experiences that tie our hearts together.
We are all expected to survive the deaths of those we love most,
a concept our brains will never grasp.
Our souls only understand it is necessary for survival.
Why don’t we ease one another’s pain rather than encourage it?
I ate my own arm out of hunger
even though there was a steak right in front of me
because we have become so disconnected as a species.
I had to move the graveyard one bone at a time.
I had to reconnect the decayed bones, but I ran out of paint and clay.
Where was my fellow man during my torture?
My heart holds no bitterness toward your fear,
only toward your cowardice.
You can be a terrified hero.
You cannot be a dignified coward.
Let us all heal together.
Disregard your white excellence.
Stop rhyming about your black excellence.
Let us simply achieve excellence.
I am not naïve, however.
I know the mail doesn’t run on Sunday. 


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