Evolution Gives Me Hope

The most glorious things come from dreams,
For it is within these limitless boundaries that we as a species prospers and develops.
Someone took what others may have called idiotic and delusional, and turned it into an outright miracle.

In 1440 the printing press changed the world.
In the 1800's electricity made the world a little brighter.
In 1850 the telegraph made talking just a little more interesting.
In the 1920's antibiotics made recovering a little easier.

With each given moment, each given day, each given year, we as a species have changed our world little by little. In a world racing for technological advancements and a cure for cancer, each day is adventure.

In a world where slavery is against the law and the right to same sex marriage is guaranteed by law, living is beautiful.

With every day I don't know what daylight will bring once I emerge from the confines of my blanket and the safe keeping of my mattress; yet once I remember that something amazing could happen, it makes me eager to drag my tired body into the world with the hope of witnessing a miracle.

Not every day will something monumental occur, but it is not these astrological events that I long for; it the miniscule occurrences that fuel my heart and give my skin goosebumps.

The action of a mother holding a child's hand as they cross the street; an older brother walking his younger sister to class and giving her a kiss goodbye as she skips merrily to her seat; a stranger complimenting another with no motive other than making them happy; a teenager helping an elderly women reach for something on the top shelf in the supermarket; life around me is beautiful.

Every day brings a little less racism, a little less prejudice, a little more acceptance for we have evolved to be color blind, gender blind, orientation blind. Ever day slowly drags our previously neanderthal-like thinking out of the freezing shadows of caves we have hidden inside of for centuries into lusciously vibrant jungles and the warm embrace of the sun.

The unknown may be daunting, but I am done being afraid of what tomorrow may bring. Racial riots, school shootings, terrorist attacks, I cannot my life in fear any longer. The world is ever changing and if I choose to sleep through the day within the safety and comfort of my bed, escaping to my dreamscape where all is grand and nothing is terrifying, then how will I be able to appreciate the amazingly beautiful things that come in life?

When I open the front door and the cool air caresses my skin, the morning dew coats my shoes, the rising sun peeks from behind the mountain range, it is then that I know that anything is possible.

Today could be the day that cancer is cured and my best friend is saved. Today could be the day that teleportation is successfully conducted. Today could be the day that I die on the way to school.

Everything and anything is possible, that is the beauty of waking up every day; and that is precisely what makes me raise my middle finger up and give the day a bright and cheeky smile.

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