The Evil Stepdaughter

Once upon a time,

there was a beautiful woman

with a wicked, wicked stepdaughter.

Lady Termaine was an angel

while Ella was her devil.

On the outside, Ella was gorgeous,

yet, on the inside, she was an ugly girl.

She used mice as her slave

forced the birds to obey

and everyone was her prey.

Lady Termaine's only comfort were her two daughters,

who were the complete opposity of Ella.

Anastasia and Drizella were ugly on the outside

yet beautiful on the inside.

Day and night, they were forced to do Ella's chores,

until finally, an escape way opened up!

The king was having a ball for his prince to find a bride

and Anastasia and Drizella were eager to try.

Yet once again, Ella stole the spotlight,

charming the prince with her beauty.

Anastasia and Drizella's intellect and wit,

did not impress the shallow man one bit.

Yet, instead, he preferred a beautiful woman,

an arm candy with a heart of stone.

In the end, Ella got her prince

and he got his beauty.

She moved to the castle,

torturing the palace servants, maids, and butlers.

Prince Charming got her beautiful wife,

Ella had her prince,

and at last Lady Termaine and her daughters escaped her clutches.

In the end, they all lived






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