Evil Shelter

When no one else ever seems to care
My demons have always been right there.

If ever I've lost the will to fight
They've promised to hold me through the night.

Though they help for only a while
Without them I would never smile.

No longer do they wait to be invited
For we have bonded and can't be divided.

On the lonely nights they keep me warm
My mind's evil shelter from a perfect storm.

Full of lust and full of greed
Growing stronger each time they feed.

My demons keep me from going insane
And help to numb me from all my pain.

I never wanted them to keep a hold so long
But their group is tight and their group is strong.

When reality requires some quick evading
There they are so patiently waiting.

So if this world becomes something I fear
My demons whisper softly into my ear,

"We are here my dear, we will help you cope,
All you need is a little more dope..."

This poem is about: 
Our world


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