Everything Shatters

Where was your paradagigm when the world took a shift?

Does it resonate? Can you figure why youre so miffed?

Was it closer than you thought and now so far away.

If you were forced upon a crowd, what would you say?


Why does it make you angry to wear a mask?

Do you hate old or feeble all that much?

Do you want to thin the herd ?

Are you Narcissistic all that much?


Yes your life matters.

To me it always has.

Blanket statements hurt , they cut both ways.

It doesnt matter if you are Chastity and decide to be Chas.....


The anger I feel coming in , is more than i'm sending out.

When someone smiles , it eases up the doubt..

Do I tell stories that could burn you with my eyes?

Is it paranoia ? Should I feel the fear? It never was my time , now its here.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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