Everything is Kind of Awesome, I guess

You know... I have arms, legs, a fully constructed face

I'm alive and am gladly apart of the imperfect human race

I don't suffer from leukemia, leprosy or HIV

I can hear, touch, smell, taste, and see

Everything is pretty awesome, obviously


I have the right to go to a public school

and have the opportunity to play video games and rule Hyrule

We are free to have friends of different ethnicity

And are free to be our own complete unique entity


I could help create the next innovative piece of technology

Or catch a masochistic suspect by researching the victimology

I have the ability to take a cat's meow and create techno

Whilst shooting play-doh and editing it slow-mo


We took the stars and created constellations

Walked on the moon for discovery and exploration

Isn't it awesome that we have each other and new rights

Awesome that we can be apart of a world

Where the day can blind you because a star is so bright

And the atmosphere still protects the earth,
Even in the darkness of night

Pretty awesome, right?

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Our world
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