Everything I Am

Oh dear,
I found myself near
The edge of loss.

I must remind myself
Of everything I’ve ever been.

I am the girl,
With bright eyes,
Speaking of lights and beautiful things,
To no ones surprise.

I find beauty in loving smiles,
And the way
that people adorn their face
with colors and glittering dust.

I’m the girl who’s always there,

All because I care,
And I love seeing people through.

And I love the ways
Of the summer breeze,
And how the flowers bend
to the will of the whispering winds,
That even the tallest trees submit to.

I can’t help but notice the little things,
Hence my name,

Miss Philosophy.

Although, I just can’t help myself,
For I am the kind of person to believe,
That it’s such a beautiful thing to live for someone else.
This is everything I am.
And I refuse to be anything less.


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