Everything Is Awesome But My Mom Is Better


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Everything is Awesome but My Mom Is Better

I find it funny how this is based off of a kid’s movie

You may find this poem funny and a little moving

Now just like most my mother is awesome but she is better

Maybe it is because she makes the world shine no matter what weather

I cannot really explain how she is different from other

You’ll probably see this as a bias opinion because I love her

Well actually yes it is because of the but….

My mom made sure I look fashionable no matter what

She makes me wear my best outfits when I have to get the mail

Taught me how to dress if I want to impress females

Seriously we would stay in TJ-Maxx for hours

Leaving my brother looking sweet but our attitude sour

Of course raising two boys is a hard task

But she made sure we did not go crazy like Jim Carey in The Mask

One thing she always told us is “Men always work”

Made sure we always go to church

I guess one thing about my mom is I can tell her anything

While many of kids cannot tell their parents many things

Deep in heart whatever the situation I know she still love me

Even if I get annoyed when she hugs me

Then there is the moment when she would call me by my “baby names”

I may seem embarrassed but know I am not ashamed

You may argue your mother is awesome down to the letter

But I think Everything Is Awesome But My Mom Is Better

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My family
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