Everything is Awesome

I live in Racine Wisconsin its a pretty awesome town

I love each part of it theres never a reason to frown

The beach on Lake Michigan is only ten minutes away

Its an absolutely awesome place to spend a summer day

I have lots of awesome friends like Sam Jeremy and Ben

Theres Aidan and Beau and Matt And Brandon and theres also Austen

Sam can play piano which is very awesome indeed

Jeremy is really funny, plays baskeball and doesnt read

Ben is tall and and very smart and likes to play sports

Aidan has a lot of cars and plays guitar and is always in shorts

Beau likes most everything and knows a lot of facts

Matt is really funny and and loves to talk smack

Brandon is always dreaming got his head up in the stars

Austin is always busy working on all his speedy cars

All my friends are awesome but there is one i love

My awesome girlfriend Alyssa of the rest she is above

Life is already awesome its awesome till the end

But nothing is truly awesome unless you live it with your friends


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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