Because I love you, I let you into my heart

I let you feel every beat, pluck the strings like a harp


I told you my secrets

Every thought, desire, pain, dream, all that I have has become yours.


Because I love you, I threw away my insecurities to reveal myself to you

Expecting the worst, you told me the best:


You love me and I love you.

And there's nothing I would change about you


From your whiskey eyes fringed with short auburn eyelashes

To your heartwarming laugh that echoes through the room.


From your wavy ginger hair that curls around your ears when it grows out

To your ADHD, which makes you say crazy things spontaneously.


Because I love you, I want to be called yours forever, no matter how long it takes to get there

To be your bride and to take up your name with bursting joy and pride.


To wake up in the morning and see your face

To croak "good morning darling, did you sleep well?"


To give you a goodbye kiss when you leave for work in the morning

And to give you a welcome home kiss when you walk in after work in the evening.


To one day be the one who can bring forth your family's name, to give you the children you want

To grow old with you, hold your hand, and gently tell you: "we did it."


Because I love you, I want the best for you

To make you smile and to lift up the clouds on your rainy day


To hold your sky up like the mighty Atlas,

When it seems like your world is crumbling around you.


Because I love you, I will always be there when you need me

Because I love you, I will never give up on us

Because I love you, I will live every day, hour, minute, and second

All for you.


I do all of this

Because I love you.

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<3 very nice! I enjoyed this.


Thank you very much!! <3


This is so well written!! I love it so much! Especially the part about "mighty Atlas"!


Thank you darling!!

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