Everyday There Will Hope

Everyday there are victims of sexual assault that’s not recorded or taken seriously. Many don’t even realize what they are doing or what this person is doing to them. Its either sexual assault from family members or people you don’t even know. Statistics show 68%of sexual assaults has been not reported to the police, while 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail. This comes to show how it really affects our society. This happens every day to men and women but nobody tells the world how or why it affected these lives. So many things go on the news and are only shown once because it doesn’t have much importance as to over exaggerating things that weren’t important before. Even though sexual assault isn’t killing our world, it is killing the people that are in it. It kills the minds feeling to want to be wanted, and to physically and emotionally be felt. Today I am here to speak out to the victims, because for a period of time I was one. We all ask why these things happen to us, but I think even though it’s unfortunate to say this, but everything does happen for a reason. I know you’re thinking, so how would you know, and you’re dumb. Well reality is, it did damaged you a lot, but it would of never made you stronger to keep blaming yourself for another beings action on you. Being abused in any way is never rite for a person to have to live with. For me, I had struggled with blaming myself and questioned my purpose of being. I struggled with many personal problems and took too long to speak out. I ended up being non-verbal and emotional. It got to a point where nobody knew what was wrong with me. I was then diagnosed with anxiety and depression disorder. But just because I lived and live with it doesn’t mean I stopped living and giving up myself. My mom said get over it, it’s not that bad, only if she knew more back in my life and saw everything. One day I will tell her what else happened but I barely can handle writing this. When she said that, I felt like well, I guess let’s try it again because I thought that’s not supposed to not be alright with someone shoving and hitting you on a daily basis. Only if people understood the ways it affects these victims and what happened during that time of it, I wish they would see it. But unfortunately they won’t, and won’t ever see the person scream behind that face. So anybody out there thinking messing with people is funny in anyway, I advise you to get some help because you must not be in your rite mind to where thinking this is okay. Just look around at the people next to you that you know or don’t know. They could be going through anything and you just don’t see.

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